uantum Matter Agora
Les Diablerets

Aug. 30th – Sept. 1st, 2021

See you all at the next edition !

Welcome to the first Quantum Matter Agora. This 3-day meeting organized by the Department of Quantum Matter Physics of the University of Geneva aims at gathering all PhD students, postdocs and senior scientists working in DQMP to discuss on-going research, share ideas on future projects, and foster collaboration between the groups.

The program will allocate time for scientific talks, poster presentations and informal discussion about your current work and your ideas for the future.


1st June Opening of conference registration and abstract submission
28th June Closing of conference registration and abstract submission
5th July Announcement of the scientific program
30th July Deadline for registration cancellation
30th August at noon Beginning of the workshop
1st September after lunch End of the workshop

Apply before Mon, June 15, 2020

Program overview

Click on the speaker name to display the abstract.

Poster session

The poster boards are 120 cm x 120 cm in size and can accommodate A0-sized posters in either portrait or landscape format. The best poster will be rewarded with a prize.
Allenspach StephanBayesian investigation of quantum criticality in spin dimer systems 1
Barantani FrancescoExperimental observation of electron-exciton coupling in high-Tc cuprates 2
Bercher AdrienNear field imaging of metallic filaments in NdNiO3 3
Bonura MarcoRecord-high upper critical field in MgB2 bulk samples prepared by a non-conventional rapid synthesis route 4
Cao ChuanwuGate-induced hole superconductivity in transition-metal dichalcogenide 5
Cappelli EdoardoFermi surface and quasiparticle dispersion of the highly-conductive perovskite oxide SrMoO3 6
Cayado PabloStudy of the oxygen diffusion process in commercial REBCO-based coated conductors 7
Cordero-Edwards KumaraNovel functionalities at twin domain crossings 8
Domaretskiy DaniilIdentifying atomically thin crystals with diffusively reflected light 9
Fritzsch JulianLong wavelength coherence in networks of coupled oscillators 10
Gariglio StefanoOctahedra rotations coupling in perovskite vanadate heterostructures 11
Gatti GianmarcoElectronic structure of few-layer crystals of the magnetic topological insulator MnBi2Te4 12
Henck HugoElectroluminescent Γ point interlayer excitons 13
Issing JuliaFirst micro-ARPES measurements of encapsulated few-layer Td-MoTe2 14
Korosec LukasPerturbed angular correlation spectroscopy of complex oxide heterostructures 15
Liao MenghanMagnetoresistance oscillations in superconducting films with coexisting charge orders 16
Lichtensteiger CélineDomain scaling and coupling of structural distortions in tensile-strained PbTiO3 heterostructures 17
Lopez Paz Sara A.Magnetism and superconductivity in iron substituted FeSr2YCu2Oy cuprates 18
Ma KeyuanNew oxide group-9 transition metal superconductors in the filled-Ti2Ni type structure 19
Madsen AlexanderAutomatic signal-background decomposition of multidimensional data 20
Maggio-Aprile IvanWang-McDonald vortex core states in heavily-overdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ 21
Mckeown Walker SiobhanThe Laboratory of Advanced Technology: collaborations within the DQMP and beyond22
Michon BastienThe spectral weight of hole doped cuprates across the pseudogap critical point 23
Mundet BernatMapping electronic phase coexistence in nickelate superlattices by STEM-EELS 24
Naumov PavelNeutron scattering under multi-extreme conditions 25
Nikitin Stanislav E.Field-induced spin dynamics in triangular-lattice antiferromagnet CsYbSe2 26
Normand BruceTricriticality, BKT multicriticality and proximate deconfined quantum criticality in fully frustrated quantum antiferromagnets 27
Ørsted AndreasTuneable space-charge-doping for scanning tunnelling microscopy investigations 28
Pasquier VincentTunable biaxial strain device for low dimensional materials 29
Philippi MarcQuenching the band gap of 2D semiconductors with an electric field 30
Pizzino LorenzoDimensional crossover in weakly-coupled chains 31
Pulmannova DorotaCrystal structure of new polymorph of Sr2TiO4 with tetrahedral titanium 32
Pushkarna IshitaThickness dependent properties of transition metal dichalcogenides using gold-assisted exfoliation33
Rischau WillemFerroelectricity and superconductivity in 18O-substituted SrTiO3-δ 34
Scarfato AlessandroSurface density of states in Pt2HgSe3 investigated by quasiparticle interference 35
Singar Tejas ParasramRevisiting the electronic and structural properties of heavily underdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ high Tc cuprate superconductor by STM/STS 36
Soler Delgado DavidMultiple ferromagnetic states revealed by transport experiments in the van der Waals ferromagnet VI3 37
Sonner MichaelInfluence functional of many-body systems: temporal entanglement and matrix-product state representation 38
Spitz LeonieSlow dynamics from ultrafast coherent phononic driving in CuGeO3 39
Thoenniss JulianReconstruction of the influence matrix from Keldysh correlation functions 40
van Walstijn KoenProbabilistic forecasting of nodal high-voltage electric loads using a variational autoencoder 41
Waelchli AdrienGrowth and oxygenation of infinite-layer CaCuO2 and SrCuO2 thin films 42
Walicka DorotaStructure-property relationships in superconductors with honeycomb layers 43
Wang WeiMagnetostructural transition of two-dimensional antiferromagnetic materials under electric field 44
Witteveen CatherinePolytypism and superconductivity in the NbS2 system 45
Wu FanElectric field effect in few layers antiferromagnetic CrSBr 46
Zhou YixiVariable-temperature SNOM imaging of long-propagating phonon-polaritons in strontium titanate47
Hadjimichael MariosSearching for superconductivity in SrCuO2 heterostructures48
Ferreira JoãoExact description of quantum stochastic models as quantum resistors 49

Possible activities for Tuesday afternoon

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Easy walks

Longer walks

  • Les Crêtes (bus 10 min, +450m/-600m, 8km, 2h45) [KML file]
  • Cabane des Diablerets (bus 20 min, +950m, 3.2km, 2h45, return by cable car) [KML file]
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Via Ferrata de la cascade

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Registration is closed. Please contact the organization committee for late registration at

The registration fee, covering the full expenses of the meeting (hotel accommodation, lunches, conference room, coffee breaks), amounts to approximately CHF 450 (the exact price will be determined during the meeting) and is to be paid directly at the hotel during the workshop. Cancellation will be possible until Friday 30th July. After this date, the full registration fee will be due.

Apply before Mon, June 15, 2020


The meeting will be held at the Congress-Center at Les Diablerets, in the Canton of Vaud. The participants will be lodged at the Eurotel Victoria. The Eurotel Victoria and the Congress-Center are about 10 minutes walk from the train station "Les Diablerets".

The hotel and conference room comply with current Federal and University regulations regarding the Covid pandemic. We will follow the evolution of the sanitary recommendations and adapt our organization and program accordingly.

Eurotel Victoria
Chemin du Vernex, 3
CH-1865 Les Diablerets
Phone: +41 24 492 3721
Fax: +41 24 492 2371


Reaching Les Diablerets

Les Diablerets can be reached conveniently by train (check the timetable on the SBB-CFF-FFS website). If you plan to come by car, think about car sharing.

Organization committee

Christophe Berthod
Stefano Gariglio
Ignacio Gutiérrez Lezama
Anna Tamai

Adriana Bonito Aleman
Pierre Bouillot
Pascal Cugni
Gregory Manfrini
Natacha Triscone